Making WIFI touchpads

The goal is to share all the information on how to make a WIFI touchpad and all other projects here on this website,  hardware to software, materials to know-how.

Here is a list of hardware currently being use in the WIFI touchpads setup:

1 Raspberry Pi

Powered by 1 Anker 10000mAh battery

Software on github

Know-how: configure Pi,  node.js setup, WIFI access point/ static IP address setup, init.d  auto boot

1 waterproof box

WIFI touchpads

Base touch sensitive pad

Neoprene Sheet

Neoprene Tape

Neoprene Glue

Industrial velcro

Suction cups


Arduino R3 (or smaller)

WIFI Shield  (or smaller)

1  Anker 5600 mAh Battery

Connection board, wires connectors

1 Waterproof box

know-how:  software to configure electronics, wiring plan, manufacturing of process of gluing.

As we prefect each process, look out for video and blog post maker guides.


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