data driven, past and future – self engine

The user interface, ie the website or how you view a website on a mobile phone or tablet.  The traintimer and commuication user interfaces were driven by the need to automate the sensor data coming into the software.  That still is a critical element but the data visualisation is primary for the application to bring it to life.

The Self Engine User Interface is under evolution again.  Check out the latest at website.

The goal for this data drive UI is to allow the selection of a swimming stroke & distance and the input of a swimming record.  This will then be present on a chart compared to record times at the world, olymic, masters and hopefully at a club level or any social network that can be built.  The chart will show the history of the record times and also make a suggestion or prediction on where those time will go tomorrow.

As usual the code is open to be contributed to on GITHUB and build status.

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