Swimmer ID automation

One of the big goals of the project is to achieve complete i.e. 100% automation of the capturing of sporting data.  The initial sporting focus is data from a swimmer in a swimming pool.  But how do we know the IDENTITY of the swimmer?  Well, a coach or a time keeper can use their sight and knowledge to match them up.  What about removing the human from the equation?  The Identity Problem needs solving.

Computers and sensors are not ‘smart’ straight out of the box but they can appear to come to life via software.  The project has been able to do this.  Each swimmer wears a Bluetooth ID tag that emits a unique ID.  When a timing event occurs, e.g. start, tumble turn at any end of the pool or a finish.  The swimmer closest to the location of the timing event is allocated a time.

This setup was tested out at a real swimming pool this week.  There are still some distance communication issues to be addressed but overall the concept is working.  The data collected feeds into the swimming selfengine in real time to be displayed to the swimmers.

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