Go Amiigo Activity Tracker Video review

Finding a waterproof activity tracker was an early requirement for the opensportproject.  And after some searching around the Amiigo.com  activity tracker was found on the Indiegogo crowd funding website.  The promise of an open source policy and database learning activity tracker all added up to make it a tracker to back and support.

A couple of weeks ago I received the tracker and took it to the swimming pool for a workout.  The video review explains more, but first impressions were positive.  It picked out the swim strokes and the timing were reasonable too.  It was comfortable enough to wear with a tight fixing, one notch tighter than I had when not in the pool.  Its not perfect, a bug uploading and analyzing the data has occurred on an ipad mini sync up. It is waterproof.  As for the learning, it needs to be taught kick and drills and more information is need to understand the form statistics etc.  Overall, well done on getting the innovative tracker to market Amiigo.


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