The code and hardware hacking is is written and made in a decentralized environment.  Testing is done via CasperJS and BusterJS.

GITHUB repositories

Developer: aboynejames

SelfEngine  Flow Diagram

SportPi – Selfserver  SelfServer -cloud

Communication builder & Stopwatch

VideoSensor  Paceline  SensorEngine

raspberry pi

 arduino tochpad process

Martin Evans  digital stopwatch

Documentation (via yuidoc)

Self Engine


OpenSportProject – self engine

Communication Training Builder and Stopwatch

Know-How  (links to blog post coming soon)

Setup a raspberry pi,  node.js server, modules and code.  Forever running at boot.  Static IP setup & WIFI access point.

Digital Stopwatch Wireless

TouchPad Sensors

HD video via Raspberry Pi


2 Responses to Developers

  1. Alastair Wiggins says:


    I came across your project when searching for a Raspberry Pi based sports timer system. My application is not for swimming but for timing equestrian events (cross country, mounted games, show jumping).

    The requirements are similar in that we have multiple participants (in our case riders), who could also be tagged using bluetooth devices.

    Please confirm if you are OK with me porting this system to an equestrian environment (when I get the time to work on it…..).

    Many thanks,

    (in Sydney, Australia)

    • admin says:

      Hi, we hoped others would apply the SportsPi concept to other sports so delighted for other to use what we have done thus far. We are working on improving the documentation so hopefully it is in better shape soon. James

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