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World Record Analysis 100m Freestyle Past and Future

The history of 100m Freestyle World Record Swimming goes back to 1905 with Zoltan Halmay recording a time of 1:05.8.  The woman records started in 1908 with Martha Gerstung recording a time of 1:35.0. It is now 2014 and the chart … Continue reading

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Sport on the Blockchain

I recently wrote a personal blog post entitled, Putting QS on the Blockchain. QS meaning Quantified Self.  At the opensportproject.org sporting data is a subset of an overall quantified self.  The most well known blockchain is Bitcoin. While there is so … Continue reading

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Sports Self Engine Flow Diagram

A bit of a geeky post today, a high level SelfEngine Data Workflow diagram to summaries the workings/logic going on in the software code of the Sport Self Engine. Source code via the developer page.

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data driven, past and future – self engine

The user interface, ie the website or how you view a website on a mobile phone or tablet.  The traintimer and commuication user interfaces were driven by the need to automate the sensor data coming into the software.  That still … Continue reading

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personalised manufacturing – data driven

The collection of Quantified Self data can be an activity for the sake of collection but for most it is for a purpose.  Self improvement, understanding or to make tomorrow better.  And making the future means all things, from yourself … Continue reading

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