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Go Amiigo Activity Tracker Video review

Finding a waterproof activity tracker was an early requirement for the opensportproject.  And after some searching around the Amiigo.com  activity tracker was found on the Indiegogo crowd funding website.  The promise of an open source policy and database learning activity … Continue reading

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World Record Analysis 100m Freestyle Past and Future

The history of 100m Freestyle World Record Swimming goes back to 1905 with Zoltan Halmay recording a time of 1:05.8.  The woman records started in 1908 with Martha Gerstung recording a time of 1:35.0. It is now 2014 and the chart … Continue reading

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Sport on the Blockchain

I recently wrote a personal blog post entitled, Putting QS on the Blockchain. QS meaning Quantified Self.  At the opensportproject.org sporting data is a subset of an overall quantified self.  The most well known blockchain is Bitcoin. While there is so … Continue reading

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Swimming wearables keep coming – kick

The latest wearable that is wearable has closed a funding round on Kickstart.com, Flyfit.  And ankle wearable thus allowing a swimmers kick to be isolated and data recorded.   With  GoAmiigo.com   shipping its waterproof wrist wearable we now have … Continue reading

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Swimmer ID automation

One of the big goals of the project is to achieve complete i.e. 100% automation of the capturing of sporting data.  The initial sporting focus is data from a swimmer in a swimming pool.  But how do we know the … Continue reading

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Android Code – swimming sensor

The code for turning your mobile phone into a swimming sensor for Android has been published by Joseph.  GITHUB mobile swim sensing

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video paceline

Took the first step in making a video paceline.  The raw concept can be viewed.  Current thinking is to concentrate on 5 metre segments and change the speed based on time recorded via the stopwatch or video sensor.  More on … Continue reading

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html5 sensorengine – swimming pool ready

Last week I found this fascinating project called Swim Sensing Technology by Joe Marshall.  Researching swimming in cold water inspires a lot of new thinking on using a mobile phone.  Taking the knowledge Joe’s android experiment to extract swimming sensor data … Continue reading

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Set up new swimmer and training set

A video guide to adding a swimmer and a swimming training set to the swim train timer.  Get an online / offline stopwatch app at www.opensportproject.com

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Setup of Wireless stopwatch with Swim Train Timer – video

Here is a guide to setting up the wireless stopwatch with a tablet or mobile device using a raspberry pi.  

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